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USB Power Strip

The Power Strip for USB Gadgets

The Collector USB Flash Drive Concept can put unused small micro SD cards to good use. It combines a number of small capacity memory Micro SD cards them into one use able USB memory flash drive. ....that's a nifty invention. :)

Jelly 5.1A USB Charger / The Jelly is a multi-port USB charger that allows you to juice up all your devices at the same time, and at warp speed too. http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/jelly-5-1a-usb-charger/

25 best checklist apps - for organization and time management. Useful to know whenever I finally get around to making my own app.

With this system, your phone finds your lost keys and your keys find your lost phone

USB Mini Fridge holds and chills one can at a time powered by USB from computer.

Space Bar for an iMac.

Clé USB keys

Pivot Power Mini - two grounded outlets and two USB ports

My grandma taught me this many years ago. Refreshing towels I use this trick all the time since I noticed my towels smelling funky. It works! - Over time, towels build up detergent and fabric softener, leaving them unable to absorb as much water and smelly. Recharge them by washing them once with hot water and 1cup vinegar, then a 2nd time with hot water and half cup baking soda. This strips the residue and leaves them fresh and able to absorb more water again. Works like a charm!

Digital highlighter - Text goes directly to your computer.

USB Hubs :)

Transformer USB flash drive

The Ultra-Compact DIY $47 IKEA Standing Laptop Desk | Apartment Therapy ikeahack

Sticker Tracking Device i need this!!!!!!!

Yeti 150, a $400 solar-powered generator with built-in AC, 12V and USB ports. 150 watt-hour battery, full charge in 15 hours via solar panel, and charging can be done through car adapter and wall outlet. Do want!

Cool & Funny Gadgets And Gizmos.

USB Locket by Emily Rothschild

key shaped USB