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    • N Bhashyam

      NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Might Be Damaged Beyond Repair

    • ART123

      Extraterrestrial Life | Outer Space UniverseYou may have seen recent news stating that scientists have discovered several new planets that may support thanks to the Keplar Space Telescope, a spacecraft that is currently traveling through space and observing distant planets, stars, and solar systems. Thanks largely in part to the work being done by the Keplar Space Telescope, scientists have discovered around 2,300 planets that may be capable of supporting extraterrestrial life.

    • Ovni Hoje

      NASA descobre mais exoplanetas rochosos em nossa galáxia

    • William Bacon

      Artst concept of the Kepler telescope in orbit. Credit: NASA The future of NASA’s Kepler space telescope mission is in doubt, NASA announced yesterday, as it suffered a failure of a second reaction wheel, losing its ability to precisely point to look for planets orbiting other stars. Reaction wheels enable the spacecraft to aim in different directions without firing thrusters,

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