Appareil photo ...ou smart phone ?

samsung door lock

Cheapest full frame DSLR Nikon D600 preview

Drop Cam is a tiny camera that streams to your iPhone and computer. You can use it for a baby monitor, security camera, or DVR. Secure and easy to setup! $150

Photography Cheat Sheet

TriPad : camera tripod + laptop desk

Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera #UrbanOutfitters $95

Samsung Youm Tech Gadget. Flexible phones. I'll wait for the flexible tablet.

Romy Schneider avec un Nikon ;)

The Camalapse - A rotating stand that helps you take pro-quality 360° timelapse videos. ($25.00,

The 10 Best Digital Cameras

Lytro is here. The only camera that captures life in living pictures.

iPad Tripod: Movie Mount (video accessory) j'en veux un !

Samsung UK to include Adobe Lightroom 4.4 with NX300 shipments

Lytro Light-Field Camera Review: Shoot, Then Focus

Gimme Gimme!! Google and Motorola Working on New X Phone, But Details Scant Find more apps on : #android #apps #games

A Beach Bag for Your Phone Mophie's external battery may be built to withstand water, dust, and sand, but most Android phones are not. If you plan on taking your phone or tablet to the beach this summer, investing in a Dry Case might be a good idea. This $40 case vacuum-seals around your phone, keeping it safe from water and sand without depriving you of access to its touchscreen, camera, and headphones.

Free photo apps that enhance your iPhone's camera. Definitely going to look into these.

Macro Cell Lens Band - Shockingly detailed phone shots at the snap of a band! ($15.00,

Despite winning more than $1 billion in its trial against Samsung, Apple's victory may backfire.