MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT ~ Not surprisingly, yo-yo dieting isn't great for your skin. "Skin loses elasticity over time," Waldorf says. "The more your weight fluctuates, the harder it is to snap back into shape." Take a look at The Arbonne 30-Day Healthy Living system for getting healthy and staying fit.

My new diet and workout plan will start on Monday. I will no longer be wishing I had that body I've always wanted but instead I will work my ass off literally to get what I want. One pound at a time.

1 single POUND of FAT you LOSE is a huge loss all on its own. Stop thinking of it in terms of "weight"... Look at the picture; That's 1 pound of pure FAT! Think of how much surface space that takes up. Imagine what that looks like when you lose 5, 10, and 20 lbs. It's a mammoth amount.

Achieving fitness goals is entirely possible! Transform the body with this Total Body Transformation workout program. #skinnyms

Why is it you can’t get rid of that stubborn belly fat and finally achieve a flat stomach (well, if you are trying)? What exactly you need to know and do to lose your muffin and get toned & flat abs?

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