rent a bike down by pier 39. then follow the tour map that they offer, which will take you over the golden gate bridge (super cool to take pictures on the bridge--it's much better than just driving over it) and then will take you into the little town of sausalito on the other side. it's this quaint little seaside town with lots of little shops, art galleries, and coffee shops. and while you're there, promise me you'll stop into sausilito bakery and buy yourself a gigantic delicious cookie

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Bridgewalk on the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge approximately people walked over bridge!

An easy hobby project.  All you need are miles of heavy cabling, countless tons of steel, and an innumerable work force.

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, 7 Photo

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San Francisco

The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge - The windy walks with Eddie - the fog rolled in . a decade plus we called SF home.

I love this view from over here, but I'll be back downtown SF in a few hours. Now I'm off to visit friends across the bay here, and maybe take in a meal at Jack London Square at Scotts.......

North tower revealed, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA (by Tyler Westcott). So beautiful, this is how I remember the view from my friends house high up in the hills of San Francisco ❤