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The dance of the third eye chakra is inspired by the ancient shamanic practice of trance-dance. This dance transports us beyond time and space. Our vision becomes expanded; we open up to insights from our higher self or spirit.

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It's like dreaming while you're awake. I just hate it when it sees things I don't want to believe.

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Rule of Thirds

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Composition: Rule of Thirds

Comparison of the Rule of Thirds for Composition | Boost Your Photography

Photography by me: Loren Warn - - AMETHYST CRYSTAL PROPERTIES: Develops psychic abilities - Calming - Connection to Angelic Realms - Grief and pain relief - Yin........ Mainly for the Third eye and Crown chakras, but helpful to all chakra's, Amethyst will send soothing lilac waves to any distressed being / cell. It is one of the best minerals in the world, along with Malachite, for physical pain relief from any area... See more...

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What a fascinating picture. She almost could be a mannequin her skin is so porcelain smooth, and features so chiseled.

I NEED a pic of my love and myself like this. I have some that aren't this close and you can really see the contrast in our eyes, if it was this close... WOW!