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Suburban Fantasy, Gender Polotics, plus a Goblin Prom: Why Labyrinth is a Classic (article)

smells like teen spirit

I was watching 'Heathers' the other day for the first time, I found it a very good movie & I love Winona!

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana ('60s Orchestral Cover) ft. Alisan Porter

Alisan Porter Showcases Stunning Voice In This Beautiful, Orchestral Rendition of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’


Around the Web: Saint Laurent Ad, Courtney Love And Marilyn Manson Give Fashion Campaign . Frances Bean pays tribute to her tragic N.

"Kurt Cobain's Downward Spiral: Rolling Stone's 1994 Feature"

Kurt Cobain's Downward Spiral and Last Days

Paul Ryan's vp debate "story" about how he named his daughter "Bean" is actually Kurt Cobain's story about naming his daughter "Bean.