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from Mail Online

Right-to-die grandmother has 'do not resuscitate' TATTOO on her chest (and PTO inked on her back!)

ditto Joy Tomkins: "I do not want to be half dead, I want to be fully dead. I’m afraid the medical profession will, with the best of intentions, keep me alive when I don’t want to be alive. I don’t want to lie for hours, months or even years before dying. I do not want to end up as a vegetable. I don’t want my family to remember me as a lump. That is why I got the tattoo. I don’t have a death wish I just don’t want to be kept alive in pain.”

Ocassionally i still find a pin that has been pinned to the wrong board. And let's hope that i can keep finding things that i have pinned twice since pinterest wants to limit how much i can pin. It's one of those things that really frustrates me.

from 9GAG

I feel like I failed myself.

Group Projects... ah yo también! XD O que lo hagan mal? mejor lo hago yo todo

Seriously. I'm getting sick of people saying, "But what about when you're old and wrinkly?" Shut up.

from Etsy

Not my Job to blow sunshine up your....Funny Adult Humor Greeting Card (mature)

Funny Adult Humor Greeting Card by SLANTEDmind on Etsy, $5.99