One Song Workouts

Flip a coin workout - no excuse workout!

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1000 calorie burn workout

Burn 300 Calories

2-min pre-shower workout. Love this idea!!!!

Thanks For My New Butt, Pinterest! Workout Posters We Love: In a perfect world, we'd all leap out of bed every morning superexcited to slip on our sports bra and sneaks to head out for a life-changing workout, but let's face it — some days we're less than motivated.

Workout a variety of muscle groups in under 4 minutes with this fun HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout to Maroon 5's hit song, Sugar!

morning workouts

How I Met Your Mother workout! Want to see more workouts like this one? Follow us here.

One-Song Warm-Up

Tone your inner thighs workout... :) want to get toned and look cute? This workout + soffes from #spirit #accessories is the ultimate combination. #spiritaccessories #cheer #cheerleading #fitness #workout

30 Day Beach Body Challenge Fitness Workout Chart

one song workouts | Work out routine, crunches, jumping jacks, squats, push ups

5-Minute Morning Workout


Best workout for your body type. And an eating plan. This is GREAT!

Beach babe workout! This workout is great!

Lower ab workout.