Money tree idea - link is image only (I especially like the idea of the pennies in the pot)

Graduation money tree. I used a 6" styrofoam ball, a 4" pot and paint stir sticks, worked great! I put my nieces favorite candy in the bottom but would be great with 100Grand bar or lose change.


Money roses <3

DIY Money Bill Butterfly. $2 butterfly! good for a hair piece.

Money Tree

This is a larger candy bouquet with mixed candy.  We custom make for you and if you want certain candy we will be glad to make it with whatever you request.  Th

DIY Ideen für Rustikale Hochzeit – Einladungskarten, Hochzeitsdekoration | Optimale Karten für Verschiedene Anlässe

The Money Tree..

Dollar Bills Birthday Gift Ideas - Bing Images

give money as a gift!� wow money cake great idea - could make it smaller if don't have that much money or use some photocopied notes added to the real ones

made this money tree for a retirement gift

Great idea

Dollar tree gifts for the bakers - $3 each.

Image detail for -fun & unique way to give the gift of CASH!

Plays With Needles: The Money Tree

Money Gift Ideas - Bing Images

Gifts made with money

Graduation Gift Ideas – Money Leis

DIY- Money Candy Bouquet~ creative way to gift someone money!

IMAGE ONLY ~ Money Dress! A fun way to give a graduate some cash without it being boring...