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    Money tree idea - link is image only (I especially like the idea of the pennies in the pot)

    Plays With Needles: The Money Tree

    Graduation money tree. I used a 6" styrofoam ball, a 4" pot and paint stir sticks, worked great! I put my nieces favorite candy in the bottom but would be great with 100Grand bar or lose change.

    hoiw to make a money topiary tree gift - - I LOVE this idea - be crafty, but they still get what they want (cash) - - step by step tutorial instructiosn - Sugar Bee Crafts

    Money tree -- DIY 100 - $1 bills A few rolls of pennies 5 or 6 skewers Pins for sewing A foam ball -) A pot for a potted plant -Get the foam base in the pot -Add 5 or so skewers into the middle as close together as possible -Attach foam ball to the top of he same, to make it more interesting change the lengths that you pin the dollars into the ball. -If there are any left over bills, use those to fill in sparse spaces -Fill the pot on top of the bottom piece of foam with the pennies!

    IMAGE ONLY ~ Money Dress! A fun way to give a graduate some cash without it being boring...

    money cake

    made this money tree for a retirement gift

    diy 2013 christmas tree, christmas money tree for kids #Christmas #Tree #ideas

    Money tree!

    How to Make Money Leis - the best gift for any graduate!! #graduation


    money gift butterfly box for a wedding -- Geldgeschenk Hochzeit Fliegende Schmetterlinge

    Money gift ideas!!! Pizza dough. Perfect gift idea for teens. Comes in personal pan pizza size too :) Got to remember to get a pizza box

    You will most definitely want to hold on to this balloon. Filled with money and lots of confetti. They will be amazed.

    Money Cake, with Money Flowers made with REAL 1 dollar and 2 dollar bills

    DIY Money Bill Butterfly. $2 butterfly! good for a hair piece.

    Say "Welcome Baby" the Disney way! Welcome the new Baby Girl with a Minnie Mouse gift basket that is sure to make everyone smile. Baby will love the Minnie Mous

    How to Make Money Leis