Fun pose for a family of 4. Also, I love how the wife/mom looks all dolled up and the baby is in overalls.... Haha.

Laying in the grass all comfy! Also, take one looking down on them from the step stool.


18 Creative Family Photo Poses

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Family picture

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Caleb and his step dad... Technical: 1. Lighting: Daylight. 2. Composition: Vertical and horizontal creates linear crosses. 3. Rule of thirds crop creates diagonals with the eyes! Aesthetic: 4. 5. Excellent juxtaposition of body sizes. 6. Duplication of body position adds humorous mimicking. 7. Message: A man to look up to and emulate. 8. A really loving shot. Wonderful Step-father idea!

Too too cute! LOVE this! #family #photography

Kids laying in a field while the parents hold a red picture frame kids covering their eyes while their parents kiss so cute Live Oak family photos - Live Oak Photographer - Jacksonville Photographer - Tonya Beaver Photography022

So many fun family picture pose and prop ideas. Over 100 of them!!

awesome family picture!!

Love this picture idea for a little boy

Color scheme

Family photo idea

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