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Carlos Santana in 1972 ~ Even today his avid passion towards the alchemy of music not just as a sound but a message of fire, love, & peace within shows what true art is or can be. This photograph shows his depth within the present. Always thorough & soulful.

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Mick looked ready for more, Keith looked in need of a warm malt drink: Glastonbury's night of the living dead as Rolling Stones rock the festival

Rolling Stones Glastonbury 2013

▶ Arcade Fire - Reflektor - YouTube Entre la nuit, la nuit et l’aurore- Entre le royaume, des vivants et des morts- If this is heaven- I don't know what it’s for- If I can’t find you there- I don't care- I thought I found a way to enter- It’s just a Reflektor...

"The Beatles represent the collective consciousness of several generations...... A brilliant blend of music and lyrics in their songs made influence on many minds by carrying messages like: give peace a chance and people working it out. A message more powerful than political control, it broke through second and third world censorship and regulations and set many millions free."