David Tutera Large Faceted Diamond Accents for Reception Tables $9.95

David Tutera Diamond Accents for Reception Tables - 370 Pieces $9.99

David Tutera Wedding Reception Crystal Garland

David Tutera Wedding Cupcake Wrappers

lights under the table #RobbinsBrothers #GetEngaged

David Tutera Pearl Paper Cones for Wedding Ceremony

For by the bar at the reception! #RobbinsBrothers #GetEngaged

candle designs by mr David Tutera! i LOVE the top left design! #RobbinsBrothers #GetEngaged

Precious! #RobbinsBrothers #GetEngaged

Think pink! It's the wedding decor color of the year. #RobbinsBrothers #GetEngaged

This "LOVE" plates set is perfect for pre-wedding parties. #RobbinsBrothers #GetEngaged

Large Acrylic Diamonds 1.5" (12 Diamonds) $9 each/ 3 for $8 each great Web site for bulk stuff - including ribbons, paper lanterns, etc. Cheap! cuz i wanna have BLING everywhere! ;) #RobbinsBrothers #GetEngaged

Very helpful table sizes for weddings and events

This large Diamond Standee has the look of a beautifully faceted diamond. Each free-standing cardboard Diamond Standee is printed on one side.

Diamond Shaped Tea Light Candle Holders - Set of 3

twinkle lights in a barn wedding | http://your-party-ideas-collections.13faqs.com

Diamond Lights 2" Submersible Battery Operated... huge diamonds that light up!!! And you can put them in water!!!

Tiffany Blue collection

modern black & white lounge

gorgeous <3