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Unverified "I call this edge my "lyte-paks". I make these with this formula: 7 potassium tablet/ 3.5 teaspoon salt/ 7 Tablespoon sugar. This will suffice for a weeks worth of 1-day supplies. I crush the tabs and mix it all together. I divide it out into 7 equal parts, then vac-seal... you can dump 1 of these per day in drinking water and replace vital supplements or just eat it dry...REMEMBER the brain runs on sugars, but the muscles/heart MUST have sodium and potassium for electrical…

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How to Use Calcium Hypochlorite for Water Purification - Survival Mom

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Making Water Safe to Drink: Water Filtration and Purification

There is a difference between water filtration and purification. Which do you want for your family? Make sure you know the difference so your emergency water is safe to drink

Try this water purification process at home with your kids and watch dirty water transform to clean water within minutes. Plus, teach your family about science, the Power of Clean Water, and giving back. Each set of P&G packets purchased donates 3 months’ worth of clean water to a child in a developing country.*

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Water Filtration Versus Purification

A way to understand the difference between water filtration and purification, and how it can help you in a long term emergency situation

Polar Pure is back!!! SUCH great news!! THE best water purification method available!! The water tastes great and these little bottles last forever!! If you haven't tried Polar Pure, you absolutely have to!! Get them while you can! They have been having struggles with the DEA over the main active ingredient, but you can get them here!!!