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Food Chain game Great game for elementary age CC Week 3 Science Producer Consumers - Food Chain - Kid's Corner

Interactive Photosynthesis Activity

Sort into decomposers, producers and consumers: Free Food Chain Activity Cards from

Food Chains Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers Cut and

This is another online food chain game. The students much choose whether the item shown is a producer, consumer, or decomposer. When they get the answer right the item becomes animated and shows their correct role. I would use this as Independent practice, in centers, as a homework game, or for students who finished their work early in class.

This is an awesome video that talks about the circle of life and then goes on to show different food chains. I would use this as my motivation and as a review of ecosystems and the food chain.

Teach It: Resources and Ideas for Ecosystems and Food Chains

ECONOMICS for GRADE2?! ohyeah! social studies lesson plan on consumers and types of resources. Cute lap book

The Producers, Consumers, Decomposers Game- 5th Grade Standard - 4-5 LS2C Plants and animals are related in food webs with producers (plants that make their own food), consumers (animals that eat producers and/or other animals), and decomposers (primarily bacteria and fungi) that break down wastes and dead organisms, and return nutrients to the soil

Here's a terrific food chain game that can be played on an interactive whiteboard.

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Interactive Whiteboard Resources. There are so many cool websites for interactive whiteboards. Come read through my list of suggestions.

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5 kingdoms of living things - fantastic visual and great interactive website to email to parents. Week 2

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