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Arthur Court 'Wild beasts' stapler remover

Arthur Court 'Wild beasts' stapler remover- For His Next Office Manager Job.

Dino Skull Staple Remover

The dino skull staple remover is not a souvenir from Jurassic World, but unique dinosaur inspired design provides you a pretty cool way to remove any

shark week essentials

Items to Celebrate Shark Week I definitely need that ice cube mold!

My son would love this!!!

T-Rex Skull Staple Remover

Additonal Info: Pewter makes sure that it remains classic and elegant over the period of time. This T-Rex skeleton staple remover fossil fuel in action. Does not come with the Staple Remover Lifetime guarantee by Jac Zagoory Designs.

Shark Attack Sleeping Bag - 10 Weirdest Sleeping Bags.  I like the Shark Attack the best... the cadaver one creeps me out1

10 Weirdest Sleeping Bags

Shark Attack Sleeping Bag -Actually called the “ChumBuddy”, it was created by 19 year old design wondergenius Kendra Phillips. The Shark Attack Sleeping Bag is 7 feet tall, hand sewn and is filled with 30 pounds of soft fill.

Sharks. usbs-de-coleccion

31 Pen Drives diferentes para pessoas criativas

I would be obligated to play the Jaws music every time I plugged it in :D

Shark Earbuds -  YES PLEASE!!!

Shark Earbuds

The shark earbuds offers a fun way to accessorize your iPhone, player, iPod, PDA or laptop.