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  • Allison Farr

    Rachel Maddow and a black dog. girl crush activate.

  • Ashley P

    Dr. Rachel Maddow is one of the most insightful people on television right now.

  • Vee ♡

    rachel maddow - ournalist, performing heroic work and who just happens to be lesbian

  • Janet Schwartz

    She has a cute black lab named Poppy. 16 Things You Should Know About Rachel Maddow

  • Valerie Reynolds

    Rachel Maddow & her dog Politics politics politics

  • Laura Lampe

    commie-pinko-liberal: afterellen: Rachel Maddow came it at #22 on our AfterEllen Hot 100 in 2012, but the competition is even fiercer this year. Vote now!  Everyone go vote for Rachel Maddow! What is hotter than a gorgeous woman who loves books and dogs? GO VOTE!

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A well dressed man with his best-friend. Nautical striped shirt, great shorts, denim shirt and a sweet pair of chuckas

Rachel Maddow; geeky, smart, and always classy. She's amazing.(

Rachel Maddow you're the one, you make politics so much fun. Rachel Maddow I'm awfully fond of you!

"But here’s the thing about rights. They’re not actually supposed to be voted on. That’s why they’re called rights." -Rachel Maddow

Kate Woolfe defines the "Lesbian Look" as "short hair, funky glasses, maybe a little leather" (87) & claims that "it has less to do with one's sexual preferences and more to do with a rejection of our culture's values about women" (90). Out MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow exemplifies this look & in the linked interview with Katie Couric discuses the ways in which her look differs from what she calls the "pretty-girl-on-cable" stereotype.

Rachel Maddow, TV host, political commentator, and the first openly gay anchor to host a prime-time news program in the United States.

Suspenders on Rachel Maddow - I don't know if I want to be her, or, well, you know ;-)

I ♥ Rachel Maddow. She's smart, sexy, funny, and down to earth. Not just a Rhode's Scholar, but the first openly gay person to win a Rhode's Scholarship. You go Rachel!

We didn't put a man on the moon because some company thought they might be able to make a profit doing it. it takes vision to involve the common good of the American people without regard for profit. If you're charting a course for the country and your big idea is "No we can't" then I don't want you leading the country. - Rachel Maddow