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Eat REAL Food...we've cut out processed food and eat mostly organic at this point.

100 Days of Real Food Rules. My friend is writing a blog as she starts to raise her twins with these rules. Good rules to strive for, even if you can for a day or a week at a time. Her blog is at: realfoodsinphilly...

6 Startling Secrets from a Food Industry Insider: Artificial Sweeteners

This New York Times infographic, along with Mark Bittma'ns article, demonstrate why it's an illusion that fast food is cheaper than real food.

  • Elissa Hetrick

    So- for anyone interested... I started reading "Eating on the Wild Side" by Jo Robinson- and it's got some real interesting and handy information about eating "whole foods" and what we've done over 1000s of years to our natural food supply and which foods pack the best punch and how to store them etc.. with lots of studies cited.

  • Suzanne Rogers

    Thanks Elissa Hetrick I will check it out

  • Williw Thedirtworshipper

    Once I started using vast iron cookware, I love cooking from scratch. Cooking time is reduced (except for boiling water), cast iron hears very evenly , and my iron levels are a lot better because some iron gets into the food

  • Williw Thedirtworshipper

    *Sigh* *heats. Phone keyboard covered my words

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Real Food Tips: 7 Reasons I Hate Artificial Food Dyes (hint: they are made from petroleum and require a warning label in the U.K.)

  • Denese Bollhoefer Wilson

    Did you know yellow 5 is in things like cereals, non refridgerated pickles Jello instant pudding, seveal frozen dinners, seval drink packets like crystal light almost every drink that is lemonade

stock up on simple, nutrient-dense foods that can make a meal in a pinch: fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, boiled eggs, homemade beef jerky, home-cured salmon roe, homemade fruit leathers, raw milk cheese, good quality butter and a jar of homemade sour pickles or kimchi. I also keep homemade bouillon and dehydrated vegetables on hand for quick and easy soups that need only hot water.

Real Food Banoffee Pie. Toffee made from coconut sugar and coconut cream, base made from nuts, coconut oil and dates and cinnamon cream with coconut cream option! Gluten free, dairy free options and all round delicious .....

Why You Should Never Use Canned Tomatoes @ Healy Eats Real. Click Here: www.healyeatsreal... #tomatoes #bpa #cannedtomatoes

  • Vilma Vaccarezza

    Glass containers are much better, of course the best is to grow organic tomatoes in your vegetable garden, or even in pots.

  • Debbie Bloom

    Great information!

  • Vilma Vaccarezza

    Thank you kindly Debbie

  • Linda Krausert

    Thank you for the incredible information. I am passing it on.

  • Linda Mayo

    I am passing this information on. Glass jars would be great to get tomatoes in at of course. Thank you for the information.......

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The Lonely Truth, Real Food, Second-hand smoke, and hope

Real food heals... Processed food kills!