Does Quaker Sell Real Food Anymore?

Part II of the series on Quaker, Are All Marketers Liars? Quaker Oats traces its roots back to the 1850s. The iconic Quaker man image was adopted by the company in the 1870s based on the morals that Quakers embodied–integrity, honesty, and purity. Over the years the Quaker man (who’s affecti…
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When I used to run the Pillsbury Dessert & Baking Mix business we would market their boxed desserts and treats as a fresh, home-baked alternative to scratch baking. But once you learn what's really in these mixes, you may rethink what your decision! So learn more about what's really in baking mixes and get my CRAZY GOOD recipe for homemade Cranberry Orange Quick Bread here:

Kellogg's Special K says it cares a lot about women and their weight/body image issues. But when you take a closer look at their products, is Special K really helping women out? Read more to find out!

During October, grocery stores transform themselves into pink ribbon festivals. But are all these pretty packages dressed in pink really good for you? Or are they merely packaged for profit?

Quaker says these bars "fuel" you up for your day. Translation? Fuel equals sugar and other highly processed, refined carbs.

Quaker handy Oatmeal To Go's are supposedly as healthy as a bowl of oatmeal. Really? Does your oatmeal have 19g of sugar, GMOs, trans fats, etc. in it? Yeah, I think I'll still with my homemade oatmeal.

Can cookies for breakfast be good for you? Quaker says "yes" and I say "no."

Does Quaker's New Real Medleys Oatmeal live up to its healthy, wholesome imagery?

Sierra Mist likes to call itself All Natural. Do you believe them?

Are 12g of whole grains enough to make Quaker Yogurt Granola bars healthy? No!

Crystal Light "Natural Lemonade"??? Upon closer look, it doesn't look very natural at all...

Breyers has touted itself as "all natural" as long as I can remember. Who knew that meant it could include a genetically modified toolbox of hormones and ingredients?

Truvia likes to call itself "natural" but is it really? You may be getting more than you bargained for.

Are Sun Chips really as healthy as they pretend to be? Get some facts here, and just click to learn more.

Is your so-called weight loss cereal really that good for you? What isn't Kellogg's telling you?

Quaker Chewy Granola bars practice what's called Leanwashing! It's wrong to deceive us and pretend a product is healthy when it also has many unhealthy qualities. Want to learn more? The just click.

Think your butter is "all natural"? Guess again. Click to learn more.

I almost fell for this deceptive package. Help me out at share food packages that you find misleading.