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We would like you to join in this Powerful and Beautiful effort to celebrate life by making a small change in breast cancer awareness Small Change for a more vibrant and healthier living this month and doing your regular monthly Breast Self-Exams.

Be A Voice 4 The Children: Help Raise Awareness For Childhood Cancer! I dare you to watch this video & NOT shed a tear!

Small Ways To Be Healthier This Winter. Learn about some small suggestions and tips and tricks to help combat seasonal depression and stay healthier. (ad) #GreenBottleCap

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How Doctors Are Using Apps Today To Help Patients

Let's Take a Closer Look at How Doctors are Using Apps Today to Help Patients The rise and recent prevalence of smartphones and tablets has changed the world in many ways. One of the ways they've changed our society is by offering a seemingly endless source of apps that extended the capabilities of these devices way beyond what the initial manufactures thought would be possible. Sponsored.

Tips to Fight the Winter Blues - It can be a long couple months, but here are some go-to ways to make it better! | The Love Nerds

Looking to become a healthier guy? Here are some tips on how to de-stress, and become healthier and stronger. #MadeToMatter #ad

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Teaching Children to Use Technology Responsibly #Tech #App

Teaching Children to Use Technology Responsibly Unlike generations of the past, kids are born into technology. They don't have the luxury of easing into it or using a "wait and see" approach. Technology is everywhere and unless kids spend the rest of their lives living in a cave, there is no way for them to avoid it. For instance, many school districts have switched to strictly digital learning systems... Sponsor #OutFit7

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How to Tackle the 4 Most Common Summer Health Issues

We wait for the summer months with so much anticipation, yet need to How to Tackle the 4 Most Common Summer Health Issues so we can enjoy the season.

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Mom Corps Helps YOU Return To The Work Force Sponsored by #MC

Mom Corps YOU, Helps YOU Return To The Work Force #Sponsored by #MC #MomCentral #MomCorps #Job