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  • Tricia Sincerely

    Rosemary Common name for Rosmarinus officinalis, a hardy evergreen sub-shrub grown chiefly for its aromatic leaves which are used in culinary seasoning and which yield an oil once used in medicine. Small light blue flowers are borne in April or May, in loose clusters that spring from the leaf axils. The foliage is white and woolly on the under side and dark and shiny above. Plants can grow to a height of 6 feet and last for years if given winter protection.

  • Thomas Byers

    Rosemary is a very easy to grow herb and its wonderful on pork or chicken. I grow rosemary in containers and give away some of the rosemary plants to friends and neighbors.

  • nuttyyooper

    Rosemary | Gardening Plants | ArcaMax Publishing

  • rawya karim

    Mosquitoes repellent plants for home

  • Kristy Cox

    This guide is about growing rosemary. This attractive herb has many culinary and medicinal uses.

  • Adirondack Aromatherapy

    Rosemary Essential Oil Reflection - Emotions and Aromatherapy

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