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Petition | Don’t let hunters cut off dogs’ tails in Ireland! | English

♥ ya! Most people don't know this but the way they crop pit bulls ears is by holding them down and cutting them with scissors. This is just sad I absolutely hate it when people so it to any dogs especially my Pitbulls and dobermans! U know who you are >:(

Everyone needs to stop doing this....stop cropping ears, docking tails and declawing nails. Stop it all.

WHY? | Dog ear cropping and tail docking


Cropping ears and tails is inhumane and cruel.

Cropped Ears In Dogs, you dont look cool, you look like an Asshole!

Dont crop, let them flop! One of the most disgusting things I have ever seen was when I worked in a vets office and had to see dogs get cropped and docked and cats declawed.

Don't look at them as a problem...

You crop your dogs ears? Unless your dog has a chronic medical problem with their ears and the vet has tried every other option, there is NO valid excuse to crop!