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Dear People! The animals need your voice. Please visit our website and sign the petitions! Thank you!

Petition to sign and share AGAIN! Earlier this year, PETA India contacted Air India to urge the company to stop transporting animals to laboratories to be used in experiments. After a face-to-face meeting, Air India told the group in writing that it would refuse requests to transport animals to laboratories. But now, because of pressure from animal experimenters, Air India has backtracked on the ban and resumed shipping animals for use in cruel laboratory experiments. Posted 12 7 2012

Speak Out Against Bear Farming in Asia! To facilitate the bile milking process, the bears are kept in extraction cages, also known as crush cages, which allows easy access to the bear's abdoman while preventing the bear from standing up, or sometimes from moving at all. Bile is extracted twice a day, and is believed to be very painful as bears often moan, bang their heads and chew their paws. Tell China to stop this heinous cruelty! PLZ Sign & Share!

Demand Action Against Dolphin Slaughter in the Solomon Islands. @SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect