Freeze water in a surgical glove for a scary ice cube!

Head in a jar, scary! Great for Halloween. This has a great tutorial if you want to DIY and also an alternative to just download theirs

Spider Ice Cubes for Halloween Drinks

Edible Chocolate Pumpkin Cups

Creepy hands in flower pots.

Awesome movie night cake idea! Maybe on cupcakes instead of a 3 tear cake. Lol

Halloween decor

Polish The Stars: 119 Creepy Halloween Food Ideas: PERFECT FOR A PLL PARTY

great creepy recipes

25 DIY Clever Halloween Party Decorating Tips

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I use a fishbowl wadded up some black tulle, print off a picture of Miss Leota on Photo Paper and cut it out and placed it in there. That is it!

hahaha so creepy

Halloween punch

Halloween halloween

Mix tonic water into your Halloween punch and drink under a blacklight for a spooky glow-in-the-dark drink.

good idea for halloween drinks

Cheesesticks/pretzels. 31 creative & creepy Halloween foods | HellaWella

Spiders hate peppermint! Put some peppermint oil in a squirt bottle with a little water and spray your garage and all door frames. - interesting!I knew it helped keep mice away but i didnt know it worked for spiders too, ill have to try it # Pin++ for Pinterest # great-ideas

candy corn punch @h a l e y Martin