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    OH DEAR.....wait ......r they a couple.....or.....related......hhhmmm...orboth!!??

    I laughed way too hard at this. more funny pics on facebook: www.facebook.com/...

    Omg, i just laughed way too hard at this!

    This totally misunderstood goose who got into one fight and now has to deal with the consequences: | 28 Animals Who Have Made A Huge Mistake

    HaHaHa!! FUNny for A President's Day Party:) I'm sure they had senses of humor, right?

    Awkward family photos is one of my favorite websites... this is great!

    Sure. He's in a "class" in school. Remember that next time someone takes one of the cars. "It was for homework!" he claimed.

    Congrats you get to go to the Olympics! by the way.. its in russia...

    AFP - Awkward Family Photos I just want to know what the son in the red shirt did that was so wrong they hoped he would die at the photo shoot!?!

    Awkward Family Photos .... This cracked me up! My children should be grateful I never made them do this! (M)