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Jean Roger, 24, from Longmeadow, MA. Jean was a flight attendant on Flight 11. She was the youngest member of the flight crew that day.

Boston Logan International Airport contains a September 11 Memorial because American Airlines flight 11 and United flight 175 both took off from Logan.

I challenge my fellow pinners to find a photo of a plane flying into the Pentagon on 9/11 and/or a photo showing any remains from a plane...this was not done by a huge plane....

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What they found was so surreal that one thirty-year ranger described it as the strangest thing he had ever seen.  It appeared as though Charles had “melted” right into his jeans while sitting on a log.  His pants hadn’t been disturbed by animals or removed before his death.  There were socks in his jeans and there were toe bones in the socks, but these ended with a bit of broken tibia.   The rest of Charles was mysteriously absent from the site of his demise.  A thorough search of the…