Cut scrap piece of black paper on an angle, cut out some fingers, and punch out the eyes. Tape it onto the toilet! great for halloween

Decorative Halloween Stair Decal Stickers

halloween decor

Toilet Paper Disguises- decorate your toilet paper rolls with black felt cutouts and use a glue stick to attach- so cute and so easy and you can reuse the felt pieces year after year

Halloween craft

Great way to create an entrance to the house. Not only is this a great idea but it is a cheap way to do it. Go to the park or a mountain or anywhere and cut branches, also get small ones for the house and paint them black. Add the web, spiders even lights and it will add a better effect, especially if there is a fog machine

Square glass votive — from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s — filled with string lights (battery operated *or* drill a 1/2” hole in the bottom and run an electric set of lights through the hole) - vinyl cut-outs for the face — and wrapped in orange tulle and topped off with a black bow and black pipe cleaners, corkscrewed.  CUTE!  :)

DIY Halloween Decorating Idea

Glowing Eyes: Save finished toilet paper rolls, cut eyes into them. Put glow sticks in the toilet paper rolls. Place the rolls into your hedge, trees or bushes at night. Watch people freak out as they pass your lawn.

Binky Babies: For these sweet, sleepy babes, start with small round pumpkins. For each, cut the nipple from a pacifier and attach the base to the pumpkin with pins, pressing them through any holes in the pacifier. Add eyes with black marker. Top with a baby's cap or, if there's a long curly stem, tie on a ribbon bow.

Halloween door hanger-- cut these out and whit could paint them

Make creepy hands to hold the toilet paper

A cool way to decorate pumpkins!

Halloween costume ideas, like this one - a bag of jellybeans!!

Halloween Crafts - 101 Handmade Halloween Ideas - must go check these out. She always puts together the most awesome ideas. Such talented crafty people out there.

Now, these are some serious Halloween cupcakes.

Learn to make Egyptian style bracelets using recycled toilet paper rolls!

template for cutting out black paper bats

Clouds Toilet Paper Shelf! Ah, cute!

halloween decor DIY Supplies: Glass Jar Candy Corn (regular and pumpkin) Branches (available) at Michaels) - Put a paper towel roll in the middle