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    Ryan Michael Bubnis Deze illustratie wordt bijna een dessin van veraf. Ergens is hij ook wel een beetje creepy, als je dichterbij komt zie je ineens allemaal mensjes die je aanstaren. Ik hou van vervreemdende beelden, dit is lieflijk maar toch vreemd.

    loving collages .. loving florar.. something black and white with random color is in the works for our family room!

    Taking a picture of yourself making a picture of your face, in Russian. Original hard to find.

    I will shrink the moon. Grab the moon. And set it in the toilet bowl.

    When I arrived this is what she said. // C.S. MacCath "Lie down in my salt-spattered pine needles and listen, your ear to the earth, for the languages speaking in my bones; ... Mi'kmaq, Gàidhlig, French, English, these are the voices of your welcome. "And come, oh daughter of too many journeys, gray in your hair, lead in your heart, sore-footed and stumbling, to the sea, where we will weep together; stone, salt and water until your sorrow erodes into sand. "There is an ocean hidden in your veins, a coyote in your mind, an oak in your belly, a sparrow in the hollow of your throat. Bring them here, to the ragged edge of the continent, to your home, and set them free." Physogs - English game (1930)