Holland Roden and Dylan O'Brien on the set of Teen Wolf, season 3 B

Teen wolf pic challenge day 9 fav cast member, duhhhhhh dylan obrien and my other fav character is defiantly lydia played by holland roden!

Stilinski Beacon Hills Lacrosse Hoodie inspired by Styles Stilinski from the TV show Teen Wolf.

Stilinski Beacon Hills Lacrosse Hoodie

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Dylan O'brien

dylan o'brien & holland roden

Holland Roden e Dylan O'Brien Lydia Martin e Stiles Stilinski Banshee e Human Stydia Teen Wolf ❤

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:'( #cryingsohard peter said before Derek girlfriend died he was a lot like Scott what if the same happens with actor and he turns into another derek

Teen Wolf on

Me: I thought your first love was always your best. Jeff Davis: Well, not really. Allison and Paige died in the arms of Scott and Derek, their first loves. Me: Jeff Davis you just crushed everything I believe in