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Global Tree Project: Hanging Garden by Shinji Turner-Yamamoto at Mount Adams’ o Holy Cross Church, Cincinnati. (The top tree is alive!)

Installation Motoi

Salt Installations

Art Motoi

Artist Motoi

Yamamoto Beautiful

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Zout Salt

Dit Alles

Salt installations by Motoi Yamamoto

Roots Sculpture

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New Skin is part of a series of tree bark figures that are meant to represent some of the individual characteristics shared by trees and humans. New Skin represents the common characteristic of both trees and humans naturally exfoliating their skin. The sculpture is made entirely from birch and hickory shag bark. Both are trees that naturally shed their bark or "skin".

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Sculpture Installation


Installation Unknown

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Land art

Yatzerfrom Yatzer

The Highlights Of Art Basel in Hong Kong {2013}

Polyester Fabric

2012 Polyester

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So Ho SuH. The Highlights Of Art Basel in Hong Kong {2013}

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motoi yamamoto: floating garden composed from salt

Henry Moore Sculpture

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Work Moore

Moore Henry 1898 1986

Peaceful garden with sculpture by.Henry Moore

Collage House

Collage Merveozaslan

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"House" by Merve Ozaslan #collage #art #color #vintage #nature #surreal

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Liger Belair

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Nice Shrine

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Julie Liger-Belair

Tree Installation

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Anthony James

Tree Museum

Untitled Sculpture

Anthony James, untitled sculpture of birch tree sections in mirror boxes, 2008

La Machine

Machine Photo

Flying Machine

Steampunk Sculpture

Steampunk Art

Steampunk Victoriana

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Steampunk Project

"aeroflorale II", an animated hanging garden inspired by da vinci and designed by world-renowned french arts group la machine.

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Natural Sculptures

Installation 2009

Sculpture Installation

Natural Installation

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Naoko Ito, detail of Ubiquitous, 2009.

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Land Art Tree

Forest art, RavenWood Forest: Land Art

Jenkins Tape

Mark Jenkins

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Packaging Tape


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Art Mark

Artist Evol

Stunning horses by artist Mark Jenkins, made out of packing tape and installed on trees like a forest carousel. Wow!!

Fake Pool

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Erlich Swimming

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Pool Leandro

Artist Leandro


Art Kanazawa

Permanent exhibit at the museum of 21. centrury art in Kanazawa, Japan, by artist Leandro Erlich

Installation Peter

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Paper Sculptures

Sculptures Peter

Delicate Installation

Sculpture Floating

Sculpture Abbey

Sculptures Inside

Peter Gentenaar, ethereal paper sculpture hung inside Abbey church of Saint-Riquier, France

My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Amazing Three-Dimensional Suspended Rock Installations

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Installation Google

Three dimensional rock hanging. This is my kind of sculpture - the synthesis of something grand from arrangement of small, insignificant pieces.

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Cheryl Pope - Up Against, 2010. Working in the mediums of sculpture, video, installation, assemblage, drawing, and performance, Cheryl Pope addresses issues of connectivity and identity that inform the way in which we live our lives today.

Salt Labyrinth

Labyrinth Motoi

Artist Motoi

Artist Yamamoto

Motoi Yamamoto

Salt Artist


Gallery Floors


Salt Labyrinth Installation by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto