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Is this the cutest kitten ever!!


A mother dog who has adopted some bunnies. | 51 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

teddy bear rabbit


Love big dogs!


That is one excited puppy #Cute #Dog

Winking Fox.

Baby squirrel. Holy cuteness


Did youz need sumpting?

What a face!

puppy love!

Baby otter being bottle fed! It's holding it with it's little hands! this is so stinking cute!!

nothing better than a boy and his pup!!!

Oh my

Oh my.

sweet pupppppyyyy

Caption that accompanied this picture in the Feb. 2, 1959, issue of LIFE: "The 'monkey terrier' comes from Germany where it was bred 300 years ago as a rat catcher. Bushy-faced with an underslung chin, the toy sized dog has a fiery, excitable disposition."

can i have it..

pet fox...i have a new obsession most definitely!