Witch broom -- easiest idea I've seen so far!

I think it's the simple treats like these cute witches brooms that make the perfect gift. made from pretzel sticks and miniature peanut butter cups.

Throw a Monster Mash.Great idea for a classroom party. Fill the cups with nutritious snacks.:

Monster Mash

Frank's Nuts & Bolts Add a salty mix to the favorite monster's head ( a green Ice cream cone) for a shockingly fun snack. Use Plastic Test Tubes for drinks.


Home Living Center - Lollipop Spiders Love these cute and easy to make spider lollipops for Halloween party favors. All you need is a lollipop, black pipe cleaners, some wiggly eyes and glue! Credit: Philippa @ House of Baby Piranha

Candy-Filled Witches' Hats--- for Christmas Yummy yummy yummy

Candy-Filled Witches' Hats Hats off to these chocolate temptations made from ice cream cones and purchased cookies. Each cone is filled with candy treats before it is attached to the base, making for a sweet surprise.

Halloween Party for Children Halloween parties for smaller children should be fun, not scary.

Halloween Party for Children

ghost crafts and treats--could also do green frankenstien heads for this--how cute!

ghost crafts and treats

for halloween goodies

Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Wicked Witch Cupcakes-Martha Stewart Living These great-tasting, ghoulish-looking cupcakes are a wickedly easy treat for a Halloween party! Our trick: Keep kids antsy for the festivities happily busy by letting them help with the simple decorations.