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    Sibbling-system for kindness + cooperation. Do you have a 'system' for encouraging positive behavior? Chores? Getting homework done? Share with the rest of us!!! (Pretty please.)

    A Simple Tool for a More Positive Home

    Harmony jar- positive discipline for fighting kids

    gem jars 2.0: managing behavior, chores, allowance = happy family

    Behavior Chart and Jars

    TMI Jar

    Philippians Jars--great idea to stop fighting, arguing and complaining among siblings.

    How to raise a happy, successful, cooperative child, while disciplining less. In 5 simple steps.

    Motivating Kids With a Homemade Reward Store ~ Templates & Ideas Included! Great incentive for behavior, chores, and school!

    Five Fun Ways to Potty Train - Stop making Potty Training a chore and make it a Party!

    Be this kind of mom

    Construction box. my boys would love this!

    I've been looking for a system to stop my kids from whining and icomplaining! Great ideas!

    Gem Jars 2.0 -- way for family to manage behavior, chores, allowance, and more at home |

    Great tips for sibling harmony www.positiveparen...


    Sibling Rules- I can use this in my classroom this year. Really. :(

    If your kids are always using new cups, give them their own designated cups with magnets to stick to the fridge.Not only does this mean less dishwashing, but cups can be kept at kid-height instead of up-high cupboards. | Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier

    Lunchbox Cupboard: the kids pack their lunches... pick one from each drawer (fruit, granola bars, snacks, desserts, drinks) The parent chooses what goes in the drawer, but the child learns to make their own choice of what to eat.

    Lots of fun and simple DIY games that can be made from household items and will keep kids happy for hours.