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I love this... and I think I might someday end up with an "I love Iowa" themed home.

@Julie Gould Des Moines by Raygun: Also available in red. $19

Planning to do one for Iowa and one for Texas with a little heart over each of our hometowns.

Melynda LeBlanc This made me think of you... It would be true if you still lived there. :)

Outer Space by raygun: 'No, I'm from Iowa. I only work in outer space.'- Captain Kirk

Change the word art to music and make that hair stand up in a mohawk. Reminds me of my son in HS.

It's astonishing to me how many people can stop eating in the middle of a bowl of ice cream, and just let the waitress TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM. I do not trust these people.

home is where the heart is, it would very cute to cut from frabic and put on a blanket or something

"It was only a kiss! It was only a kiss!" Lol

I often walk a fine line between "super fun" mom and "kinda psychotic, maybe we should call the authorities" mom.