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I love this... and I think I might someday end up with an "I love Iowa" themed home.

Melynda LeBlanc This made me think of you... It would be true if you still lived there. :)

Outer Space by raygun: 'No, I'm from Iowa. I only work in outer space.'- Captain Kirk

Yes, and cookies, brownies and anything else covered, smothered, dipped, dunked, infused, injected, topped, candied or baked with chocolate!

Change the word art to music and make that hair stand up in a mohawk. Reminds me of my son in HS.

It's astonishing to me how many people can stop eating in the middle of a bowl of ice cream, and just let the waitress TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM. I do not trust these people.

Remember living in Seattle and so many times when I said I was from Iowa people would respond, "Boise?"

home is where the heart is, it would very cute to cut from frabic and put on a blanket or something

DANCE by RAYGUN Dance it out, Bitch. Looking for the answer to ALL of your problems? Just read the shirt.