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  • Maryteresa Kissell

    sink and float experiment in a plastic bottle; found at Chasing Cheerios for The Story About Ping science lesson

  • Jenn Casper

    What Can You Make From Plastic? - Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow

  • Amber Tuscan-Clites

    Great craft ideas for kids!

  • Ashley Vazquez

    2L Sensory bottle

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Bring a basket of loose parts, natural materials and other pieces to the water table. First ask them to guess which sink or float and then ask them to see if they were right or not.This activity is good to see how materials interact with water.

A simple science experiment that my kids loved doing - find out what sinks, floats (or even dances) in seltzer water

A fun and simple sink or float experiment with lemons. So easy to do - nothing more than a lemon and a glass of water and you have everything you need!

Tons of pumpkin ideas! I love the sink or float experiment!

Magnetic or Not? and Sink or Float Experiments Recording Sheets

Sink or Float Bottle Place items that are heavy enough to sink in water, like marbles, in an empty plastic bottle. Place items in the bottle that will float, like straws that have been cut into little pieces. Fill the bottle with water. Seal shut with hot glue. Let children perdict what will happen and then shake the bottle vertically, horizontally and upside-down. Children should be able to see which items float to the surface and which items sink.

Apple sink and float activity. Meets standard and has essential question.

science- prediction and observation: sink or float? they recommend this activity for 4 yr olds, based on the challenge of predicting, but we did a modified version of this with lilah at age 2, where we simply put things in the tub and talked about whether they sank to the bottom or floated. then, we had her tell us if it was a sinker or a floater once she understood it all.

Sink or float with a twist - combining an object that sinks with one that floats to see what happens