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Mammatus Clouds, Hastings, NE by   Dawn Sutton via metvuw.com #Clouds #Mammatus_+Clouds #Dawn_Sutton #metvuw

One of the rarest weather phenomena, Mammatus Clouds. Photo taken by John C. Olsen in Hastings, NE.So awesome

wild waters flow: different cloud formations Check out more from HangSafe Hooks on Pinterest or visit our web-sight at HangSafe Hooks.com

Cloud types - I remember these from grade science class

Mammatus clouds above northwestern Oklahoma in June, 2012

The Weirdest Clouds that You'll Ever See

Gene Rhoden - Extremely well developed mammatus clouds bubble downward from the anvil of an approaching severe thunderstorm in northwestern Oklahoma

nature activates the skies with furious clouds of turbulance & drama ~ ?what happens next?

Mount Saint Helens, Washington,Biggest volcanic eruption in U. May, 1980

Every move of nature is so beautiful <3 <3 <3 #nature #beauty

Volcano erupts in Chile

Post with 48294 views. Volcano, Lightning, and the Universe at Cordon del Caulle in southern Chile

Volcano at Mt Pinatubo-in the Phillipines on June 15, 1991

Sand storm<----seen this before on tv but its not a sandstorm, thats a pyroclastic cloud from a volcano

An extremely rare rainbow-colored pileus iridescent cloud over Ethiopia.

An extremely rare rainbow-colored pileus iridescent cloud over Ethiopia. The iridescent colors are caused by tiny water droplets in the cloud diffracting sunlight.

When Lightning Strikes Sand. Fulgurites (Latin, meaning "thunderbolt")  Sometimes referred to as petrified lightning, they are natural hollow glass tubes formed by lightning strikes in quartzose sand, silica, or soil. (Wikipedpia)

When Lightning Strikes Sand

Fulgurite - Sand hit by lightning. This picture is not Fulgurite by the way.This is a stick with wet sand on it.Fulgurite is usually found in the ground where lightning has struck and is usually very small glass tubules.

Amazing outdoor picture with lots of purple.my favorite color not my favorite weather.

Oh put.. Je l'avais pas vu comme ça  celle-là... Je viens de comprendre... La tronche du cheval me faisait juste marrer... Bon ben trop tard... Faut que je dorme.

You almost can see a man like figure walking in this lightning strike! I see a horse. Anyone else see it? I see the horse DSC Amazing~! I too see the horse couldn't see the man (Pat O).