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2 coats SOPI Seriously, It's a Naan-Issue Orly Fowl Play (sponged) Essie Matte About You

Here’s a great way to put that white nail polish to good use. Ombre Nail | 32 Easy Nail Art Hacks For The Perfect Manicure beauty hack #beauty #ideas #makeup #tips #hair #mask #face


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...learn some pretty nail art techniques. Seriously, Hayley, nobody buys that that smudge is a pattern. This cherry blossom design is much cuter anyway.

This is pretty cool

See how the gradient worked itself out. just put paint lines on cosmetic sponge it soaked it all up dab on nails the colors magically blended together.

I NEED to try blending!

Sponge Gradient Manicure.


Matte purple sponge gradient

Mint Green Ombre.

Use purple and magenta gradient using wet sponge. Then I apply one matte nail polish coat. Then I take dotting tool and with ordinary top coat nail polish start to make some dots.

Must. Attempt.

Love this for winter! Also saw a french manicure with snow angel atop just bleeding in from tips. So pretty.