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The cute shoes always cost more, so here's a way to transform ugly duckling pumps for cheap. And there's the fun factor of spray paint making me feel like a rebel. :) But I imagine you'd have to buy the right kind of paint to make these DIY cap toe shoes not look trashy.

Zara. Find these. Learn to walk. KILLER heels.

Lace Toe a pair of sexy saddle shoes only less 3rd grade and more now

DYI captoe-- fabric paint (or acrylic if shoes are leather? white as base + whatever color) brush, tape Directions: 1. Put masking tape and demarcate the tip of the shoe that you will paint; 2. Paint w/white, let dry. Paint 2nd coat, let it dry. 3. Paint over with colored paint and let dry. 4. Once the ink is dry and remove masking tape from the shoes.

Some really cool ideas for changing the look of a pair of heels! :)

Ill do my bridesmaids shoes this way! And in the color of their dress! Or even my white heels with a red sparkle... Just for the heck of it

Here you learn how to frost the hell outta ur pumps :)

update old shoes with fun fabric--cute shoes on a college budget #17college