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The ABCs Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Power, illustrated by Kathleen Rietz: 'Swan Pose - I am a beautiful swan. My neck is graceful and long. Starting on my belly, I straighten my arms and bend my knees Folding myself backwards, but only as far as I please. I aim the top of my head toward my toes, Arching just as far as my back naturally goes.' #Yoga #Kids #The_ABCs_of_Yoga #Teresa_Anne_Power #Kathleen_Rietz

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14 Ways Yoga for Kids is a Great Idea

Yoga for Kids- article on why yoga for kids is a great idea, and how it helps them.

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“S” is for Sports Yoga

Alphabet Yoga - "S" is for Sports Yoga (learn the alphabet through yoga poses for kids) | Kids Yoga Stories

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Yoga for kids: How to calm little minds

Simple yoga poses for kids!

Benefits of Kid Yoga - good article and a link to some great You-Tube yoga videos that my kids really loved this morning!

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Yoga for kids

kids yoga

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Kids' Yoga Poses

Kids Yoga Poses!

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Calm Down Yoga Routine for Kids: Printable

Calm Down for Kids Poster by childhood101: Free printable. #Poster #Kids #Yoga

#KidsYoga mini poster #printable ~

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5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Help Your Child Avoid A Meltdown

Cloud Pose

10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling At My Kids | The Orange Rhino Challenge (This is wonderful! :)

My First Yoga - Animal Poses For Kids These kids yoga flash cards use vibrant illustrations and child friendly narration to lead users through a series of easy to follow animal yoga poses. Learn to become a strong dog, quiet turtle and proud lion- stretching mind and body to improve focus, balance and concentration