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  • Mary Elizabeth Naugle

    Fabric Pumpkin Decorations

  • Carla Meehan

    Halloween craft: Squash Softies | Halloween Decorations | FamilyFun

  • Teresa Thompson

    Squash Softies fall craft ideas

  • Amber Corbridge

    fuzzy fabric pumpkins craft

  • Tammy Hummel

    Squash Softies Fabric Pumpkin Halloween Decorations These warm and fuzzy fabric pumpkins will keep year after year. Try mixing textures and colors to create a mismatched patch of them. Materials Fake fur, fleece, or other fabric Scissors Needle Dental floss Plastic shopping bag Short stick Instructions Squash Softies - Step 1 For each pumpkin, cut a circle from a piece of fake fur, fleece, or other fabric (ours were roughly 8 inches in diameter). Thread a needle with dental floss and make a knot several inches from the end (you'll use this tail to tie the floss together). Make wide stitches around the circle as shown, about a half-inch from the outer edge. Pull the floss to gather the edges, and stuff the resulting pouch with a plastic shopping bag. Place a short stick into the hole for a stem, then pull and knot the floss so that the fabric is cinched around the stick.

  • Kara Davison

    DIY Squash Softies DIY Fall Crafts DIY Halloween Decor

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use this with any kind of face (snowman, etc) depending on what time of year. Great dice game for teaching numbers and just for fun.

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How to make Fabric Pumpkins! **Just made these. Super easy! I added a cup or so of rice to the bottom in a bag. I also stuffed with walmart bags.

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gently press top and bottom of a Styrofoam ball against a work surface to flatten ends (so ball doesn't roll). Wrap orange roving around ball. Insert a T pin into top. Tie cream or orange mohair yarn to pin and cover ball. Cut a length of rope; place over pin,

Pumpkins displayed on a vintage wooden stool!!! Bebe'!!! This illustrates the importance of having decorations at various heights and eye levels whether sitting or standing!!!