Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies -- the BEST pumpkin cookies. The flavor of pumpkin and the texture (crisp edges, chewy center) of a traditional chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Raspberry Chocolate Cookies

Cookie Secrets: amazing tips to get the best cookies!

Healthier chocolate cookies

CHOCOLATE SUGAR COOKIES... these lovely cookies have the texture of the classic, crispy sugar cookies but they are packed with intense chocolate flavor From

Giant double chocolate cookies

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Inspired By Levain Bakery. These are as good as any cookies you'll buy from the bakery!

double chocolate cookies with coconut

Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies Recipe - These tender and chewy chocolate cookies are so simple to make. The batter is made from butter, sugar, egg, flour and lots of rich cocoa powder. Then, we add lots (and lots) of chocolate chunks to make them extra delicious. From | @inspiredtaste


oh my gosh!!

Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies - Insanely chocolatey cookies baked up SUPER soft and gooey! So decadent!

How to Make Cookies from Any Cake Mix!

Soft and Chewy Brownie Cookies (from scratch, no mix)

Oh my!! These are so chewy, gooey, and yummy! Our FAVORITE Christmas cookie!

Truly the ULTIMATE chewy coconut cookies. I like cookies and I like coconut - but this is cookie is totally unreal. It's just delicious and chewy in all the right ways.