Pretzel and Cheese Broom Sticks by mjohnmeyer

Make string cheese witches' brooms for a no-sugar snack.

Witch hats and brooms

Tricks and Treats: Halloween Food Ideas | SparkRecipes

Halloween idea - cute, cheese sticks on a pretzel stick, can be made safe for nut allergies by using Rold Gold pretzels and most brands of cheese sticks, just check the label.

Broomstick Treats!

ghost pretzels...easy halloween treat

halloween.... :)

7 of the cutest Halloween cookie ideas. | Nutter Butter Ghosts!

bread stick snakes - slytherins on sticks! - cooking class could be: potions, transfiguration, muggle studies, or a special class taught by mrs weasley.

Pretzel snowmen

Halloween Witches Broom Sticks ~ fun and easy... made with string cheese & pretzel sticks


Halloween Ghost Pretzels.

Pretzel and marshmallow bones

Halloween pretzel sticks

Witches’ Brooms

Skeleton pretzels

Candy Corn on The Cob (on a banana)