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And the Alolan Raticate has incredibly good taste. They're often used to taste test at restaurants.

wendysnape: “Occamy: Newt is mine. Bowtruckle: (whisper) no, Newt is mine. Niffler: NOOOO!!!! NEWT AND ALL THESES JEWELRY ARE ALL MINNNNNEEEEE!!!!!! Newt: (/ω\)(/ω\)(/ω\)(/ω\)(/ω\) ————————— i should have started my final project, but now i only can...

Polynesian pet swap! (sorry about the watermarks, but after the marathon of reposts that was my jelsa pic, i’m not taking any chances)

Sailor Moon x Fairy Tail crossover | Natsu and Lucy dressed up as Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon

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Someone named shannon who's last name is the same as mine only +Mc at the beggining is skATINHG TO WHAT COMES NEXT/YOU'LL BE BACK FUCK ME IM JEALOUS I WANT NEXT SPRING DHOW THEME TO BE MUSICALS AND ILL SKA T HTE HE L L OUT AOF thaT