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An Italian Greyhound is a dedicated little licker. Sometimes, Bella will put her paw on an arm. "stay still. I'm not done yet."

Happy Hump Day from these smiling alpacas! :)

Just another vicious Pitbull here to find out more

he's gonna be so happy when he wakes up! Dawn Stanley this is something you would do for Boomer on his birthday or Christmas;)

Here is an adorable puppy to make your day one smile brighter.

Secret To Happiness: An unshakeable belief that the simple things in life require all of our attention all of the time. Favorite Thing: Drooling.

my dream is to wake up in the morning to a little bulldog sitting on my stomach and my mom telling me that its mine ♥

"Good your home. Don't bother checking on the cat because I did. I took care of him."

the more awkward looking they are, the happier they are