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true love if I could live on a farm with my horses and goats and llamas!!!! Oh what a beautiful life =)

, beautiful

Beautiful Horses & Barns Beautiful Friesian mom and baby


The beautiful creatures of the world. [ www.HolmanRV.com/ ]

absolutely gorgeous Friesian

Horse photography by Blanka Satranova via @Christin Fonn Tømte Fonn Tømte Miller | Maverick Style

Mare and foal

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Three Horses


http://www.pascalguido.blogspot.com/2012/11/pascal-guido-zauberwurfel.html F i l l y ♥

mother and child

Mare and foal

Horse and her adorable baby :)

A Mother's Love

What a tender moment -- a mare nuzzling her her foul. <3 Photo taken by Erminda Armino, near Puth, South East Netherlands in April 2010.

Newborn colts