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Here is Larry G’s simple, but delicious, NuWave chicken dinner. To prepare this dish, he first mixed 1 can of mushroom soup with ½ can of water, placing the mixture in a 10-inch baking pan. Then, he added 1 tablespoon dried onion flakes, 2 teaspoons of Herb de Provence, salt and pepper. After mixing, he added 4 chicken breasts and finished it off with paprika. After baking on the 1-inch rack on Power Level 9 for 30 minutes, dinner was ready!

Our very own NuWave Alice used her 3.5-quart Stainless Steel Pot on the PIC to make a complete dinner all at once! Here, you can see the makings of her One Pot Pasta & Vegetables. What vegetables would you add to this simple, healthy dish?

This inflatable mattress is made to fit in the back of your SUV or in the bed of your truck with sides that are designed to fold around the wheel well.

Linda B. used the Cast Iron Grill on her PIC to grill these peppers and mushrooms to perfection! After just 5 minutes on Max/Sear, the veggies were ready to go! What’s your favorite vegetable to grill on the PIC?

@Lexie Brollini Do you girls like beef jerky & dried fruit? If so, on the months that we rotate to my house, we can use my NuWave Oven to dehydrate foods... making beef jerky, veggie chips or dehydrated fruit :)