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Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration - Quotes & sayings | "The Love of a Family is Life's Greatest Blessing" | #Family #Quote More

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You Deserve

So true my friends, forgive but ABSOLUTELY NEVER forget.... It'll get you stabbed in the back.




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Very true

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So true!

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Must remember!

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Money can't buy happiness.



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Something I have learned to really believe these days...

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I love this quote!! I think both of my best friends as part of my family!!

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A little insight on the definition of family

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Wow. Yep.

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I have an amazing family!!

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Very true

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Because someone we love is in Heaven...there's a little bit of heaven in our home.


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yeah.... this is true and hard

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and then before you know it - they're gone! I thought 53 and 61 were old when my parents that I am near 60 I see that they never had the chance to grow up, get old, meet and enjoy their grandchildren...and I thought they would be here for it all.

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family blood always accept all hurdles for the family tough quotes about family

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So true