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  • Precious Faces Artistry

    Out of bed and straight into the water! So want this in my house.

  • Ashley Nicole Duprey

    I really hope the person that lives in this abode has to swim through the indoor pool to get to the bed or out of the room. hahaha

  • Norris Frami

    swimming pool in the #BedRoom #bedroom design #Bed Room #bedroom decor|

  • Ashley Botkin

    Ummm dream bedroom?! Out of bed and straight into the water!

  • Bessie Konopelski

    Bedroom Spa, Santorini, #Bed Room #bedroom design #bedroom decor #BedRoom|

  • Maggie Young

    Bedroom with indoor pool wtf this is my freakin dream room!!!

  • Alice Alice

    cave. hot tub. bed.

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Love this pool, and everything looks Japanese. Would have some lovely late night swims there!

photo by John Stranaland. That is more than a dream home that's an extraordinary home it looks like a hotel for your family only.. amazing what magnificent stoneware is there definitely a dream home

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Retreat in the South-Indian Countryside / Mancini i want my master bedroom to look like this

way cool pool. I love how it is both kinda indoors and out. Handy for people who dont like swimming in the rain. (unlike me :D )

This room is gorgeous sans furniture! Add the big comfy bed? Priceless! the large windows help to brighten the space-but I'm worried about the nighttime. Would it be too dark? I'd love to see two little chairs and a cute end table rather than the couch-but none-the-less this room is beautiful.

too shady, but i like the rock edge to the pool and the foreground flowers