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Garrett Hedlund... I love you. like omg I watch Tron everyday.

garret hedlund...seriously, one of my biggest celeb crushes..Beau in Country Strong??? mmmmm marry me please.

garrett hedlund. I don't know what this man has done, but he is beautiful. So he gets repinned :)

Garrett Hedlund, Elliott Grey/ Ethan Kavanaugh, Fifty Shades of Grey

country strong ♥ haha i'm listening to him sing on the soundtrack right now. no joke!

Now, I'm sure this actor is a great guy. But I'm really just completely in love with his character in Country Strong!

Sandy blonde and blue eyed is my type... and I guess if he was just sitting around with nothing to do...

garrett hedlund, loved him in country strong! especially when he sang silver wings! i squeled!