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Soak your wedding ring in apple cider vinegar to get it sparkling again!

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Clean your kids toys in the dishwasher with vinegar! Use 1 1/2 - 2 c. white vinegar. Wish this pin would have been around years ago! Grandma can clean the toys this way at least! ;)

Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar On The Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar- i just took a shot - yowza!!!! I am on day two - my skin is clearing - up - i took a shot in the AM before breakfast and then was sure to eat - then i am putting it on a cotton ball and cleaning my face with it- my face hasn't been this clear in months!!!! in just two days - idk if i can keep taking the shots- but i will def. keep rubbing it on my face.

..soaking feet in vinegar (apple cider being best) is a great remedy for many problems like toenail fungus, dry feet, tired feet, etc. are some vinegar foot soaks that will help feet be soft and supple.

Cleaning with Vinegar It's cheap, it's natural, and it's tough on bacteria, mildew, and dirt. Read on for some smart vinegar cleaning tips for every room in your home.

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Medieval Rose Healing Herbal Vinegar by Treasach, herbs steeped in vinegar have been used to tone skin and hair, as well as freshen garments and households.