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Say Goodbye to Saddles bags with these 8 moves!

8 Moves to Lose Your Saddlebags for Good

8 Moves to Lose your Saddlebags for Good! Easy exercises to do at home, no equipment required! Idk what saddlebags are but I don't think I want them

Yoga for Great Abs: Bridge pose, variation - Lift your right foot off floor with the knee bent, drawing it toward your face. Straighten the right leg in the air. With the right foot, draw small circles clockwise and counter-clockwise. Replace your right foot next to your left one. Release your spine lowering one vertebra at time. Repeat with the other leg.

Yoga for great abs. Bridge pose (setu bandha sarvangasana), variation with extended foot drawing small circles in the air

Coach Dan Steele Blog

My identical twin brother, Darrin and I used to make everything into a competition when we were kid.

He's back & I LOVE it!!!  Thunder vs. Celtics: March 10, 2013 | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER

Thunder vs. Celtics: March 10, 2013

Great Lead Leg Drills to Improve Your Hurdlers!

Before you can take on a full flight of hurdles one must first learn the movements as discussed here in the "Lead Leg Drill.

Use this advice from an ultarunner to improve your running form.

4 Tips to Make Your Next Run Better

4 Tips That Will Make Running Easier - March Running Goal! I think I'm going to start running


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Gooris Stakes Claim to Drake Relays Crown

Gooris Stakes Claim to Drake Relays Crown

Learn How to Build Speed and Confidence in Your Hurdlers!

Discover hurdle specific warm up drills from University of Arkansas Assistant Coach, Doug Case.